Nokia and DIGITWIN Technologies signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the second China International Import Expo, together creating digital twin solutions for intelligent manufacturing.



Landing in Singapore! Eric Liu, CTO of DIGITWIN Technologies, delivered a speech at the 2020 Singapore-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit.



Static City Model |Dynamic Data Access | AI Brain

Cloud-based solution for architects to realize their designs, matched with automatic environment generation to reduce time-of-delivery to their clients with 2D/3D renders and VR suppor



Remote Demonstration | Remote Training | Remote Operation and Maintenance


Twin ecological chain

Meet the most demanding software and service requirements

In the stage of urban planning and design, 3D model can be generated according to the drawings, the entire city can be 1:1 mapped out digitally, so as to realize the real-time corrections and greatly reduce the workload of planning modifications.

In the stage of construction, based on the data available at component level, each step in construction and the project progress can be tracked and feedback in real time in order to achieve high-quality and efficient project life cycle management

After the completion of construction, it can realize dynamic operation and maintenance, record, calculate or simulate information such as real estate, person, energy, environment, security and other various data of the city,  so as to enable  intelligent assessment and decision-making response to different situations

The park refers to the building complex with complete supporting facilities and sound layouts, mainly including residential community, enterprise park, education park, exhibition & culture center, industrial park, business center and government public facility. DT Smart Park focuses on safety, efficiency, user experience and cost, and enables our partners to build intelligent and standardized smart parks. 

Building on the data in the full product life cycle, using digital technologies such as 3D modeling and virtual simulation, covering the whole process of the plant from product design, production planning, engineering configuration and to production implementation; guiding activities throughout the entire value chain.  A seamless integrated, and virtual-physical mapped solution for factories, aim to improve the production efficiency, quality, flexibility and reduce costs.

Smart factory is the product of the combination of virtual simulations, digital manufacturing and advanced manufacturing operation and management systems.  

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